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London is a city of contrasts. It has the highest population density in Europe, but also some of the most expansive green spaces. South London parks are no exception to this rule – they provide a great escape from urban life and offer plenty of opportunities for recreation or relaxation. Sure, Hyde Park might be the most popular, but the parks in South London can be even better! In this article, we’ve picked out 10 of the best parks in South London that you should check out (even if not all of them are London’s royal parks!

Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park is a huge 81 hectare London park in one of the city’s most treasured neighbourhoods. Originally designed to be a pleasure ground for visitors and locals alike, it’s still as much fun today as when it opened back in 1854.

The whole area remains known locally by its name – Crystal Palce – even though the original Crystal Palace burnt down way back in 1936 and was replaced with this stately park that we all know and love today.

If you’re looking for big staircases, dinosaur statues, terraces, a skate park or an amazing concert bowl then this is the place for you! Quite recently (2016) another feisty landmark has been added to join Palace Row: a ginormous new mast structure.

South Norwood Country Park

Walk through the gates of South Norwood Country Park in south London and you’ll be met with tranquillity – a world away from the hustle and bustle that is Croydon. If you’re keen to pick your way through meadows, stroll by the lake or take on some off-road biking then this is the place for you.

Boasting over 100 different species of bird to spot as well as all kinds of other animals, it’s also great for nature lovers but equally welcomes families with children looking for somewhere safe to have fun in a natural environment.

Perfect if you’re only going out with your pet dog too – just make sure they always lead when walking around such beautiful surroundings!

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Royal Park is a 74 hectare escape from the hustle and bustle of London with some of the most beautiful landscapes around. This establishment has been open to the public since the 1800s century when it was initially just used as a royal hunting ground – having had its scenery landscaped by Andre Le Notre in the 18th century!

Here you can have access to one of the many green spaces south of London Bridge (it’s also home to arguably one of South London’s prettiest ponds), or find yourself at The Royal Observatory; Britain’s Prime Meridian stands on these grounds so that timekeepers could determine accurate moments globally!

Battersea Park

The best vacations are the ones you never want to end. Escape into London’s parks, and enjoy a whole new perspective on this historic city – from Battersea Park.

Designed by architect Sir James Pennethorne in 1858 after being commissioned by King George V during Queen Victoria’s reign, it took nearly 100 years for other buildings such as the Pleasure Gardens and Fun Fair as part of Festival of Britain celebrations. Opened in 1951, it is still looked upon as one of Victoria’s favorite spaces.

Battersea offers a great worth of open space that welcomes 12 million visitors annually – from joggers looking for more than a self-serving run around the block to cricket fans who love watching matches played at springtime.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park

Best for quiet walks among some of the most scenic sites in London, sitting in South East London, Richmond Park is a 2,500 acre green space that includes ancient woodlands and species-rich grassy meadows. There’s plenty to explore as well: discover Isabella Plantation for some woodland gardens; Pembroke Lodge tea rooms provides refreshment; King Henry’s Mound offers striking views of St Paul’s Cathedral. Hire a bike or take on power kiting or horse riding – there are even facilities available for golf!

Richmond Park has protected status as an important habitat for wildlife and is a National Nature Reserve. 

Brockwell Park

Sitting in Herne Hill, Brockwell Park has been open to the public for years now and it’s still just as beautiful as ever. After getting purchased by the London County Council, it has been transformed into a green park. Its commanding views of London, reserved areas for wildlife, carefully-manicured landscapes, and lido are all pristine examples of this park’s beauty that can’t be found elsewhere in the city. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to view what makes Brockwell Park so special!

Manor House Gardens

Fancy getting out and about with the kids? You might want to head on over to Manor House Gardens London, where you can enjoy a visit with your family as well as being wanted in the garden.

In recent years this little lovely park has been restored back to its original beauty after nearly a century of neglect – go ahead and experience it for yourself. Bring your children if they’re old enough, then spend some quality time together exploring all the greenery! And may we suggest going round at dusk when there are night lights so that you get to appreciate how wonderfully atmospheric this destination really is.

Beckenham Place Park

With a breathtaking view of the landscape and its 96 hectares, Beckenham Place Park is the ultimate destination for outdoor adventures from scenic walks, to cycling. When you visit this incredible hidden oasis in urban London that opened over a century ago, you’ll find yourself amongst what must be one of the greenest spots on earth.

Trimmed lawns stretch across manicured parkland which serves as a backdrop to picturesque water features. If visiting Beckenham Place Park’s golfing facilities or an older preserve is more your thing then you’ll adore wandering past ancient oak trees and breathing deep before teeing off on the 18-hole golf course.

Peckham Rye Park

Peckham Rye Park

Peckham Rye Park is a public park situated in London, UK. It was identified as one of the greenest spaces in Central London after an environmental survey.

Though it may look like any other municipal park on the outside, what awaits you inside is much more than meets the eye. A 46 hectare stretch of paradise that offers everything without charging admission fees or time limits for visitors to enjoy its natural beauty and communal atmosphere; Peckham Rye Park will give you all-day happiness from sunrise to sunset!

Dulwich Park

Dulwich Park London is full of Victorian heritage and beauty. A hidden gem for locals, this park also has something special to offer visitors as well. With a cafe which offers freshly made cups of tea, delicious cakes and sandwiches, you will never be bored while exploring the 38-acre grounds – from its scenic boating lake stocked with fish to its lush green meadows and tennis courts.

What’s more? There are always plenty of events happening throughout the year at Dulwich Park London so why not pop down soon!

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