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Carshalton is a Greater London suburb that is home to many people who work in the city or live there with their families. There are two main parts of Carshalton: Village and Town Centre. The town centre has shops, restaurants, pubs and bars which make it perfect for people who want to get out and about. However, the village could be just as good for you if you’re looking to stay close to nature!

Carshalton History

Carshalton in London is a lively, diverse and affordable town. From the famous parks – Carshalton Park and The Grove to The Beehive pub on Saturday nights with live music, it’s easy for anyone who moves to Carshalton to find their niche. The history of Carshalton goes back to Saxon times and it has played a significant role in the lives of many people. The town is also home to some significant landmarks including Carshalton Park House and St John’s Church which was established by Sir William Compton amid his estate grounds in 1775. 

Carshalton Park is one of London’s hidden gems, with its natural beauty, history & culture, not to mention acres for cycling or rowing on the lake. In Carshalton town centre there are various shops that range from designer boutiques to independent gift shops and coffee houses – making this an attractive proposition for young professionals looking for some local amenities nearby. The foodie scene thrives here too; you can find everything from high-end eateries like Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel to more traditional options such as Fishy Fryer takeaways which offer all sorts including fish.

Carshalton Travel

Carshalton is well connected with good public transport links. With a bus stop on the High Street, buses run to Sutton and Colliers Wood stations from Carshalton town centre – with trains running northbound to London Bridge or southbound towards Wimbledon Station. Carshalton is also well served by rail, with trains running from the town centre station north towards Sutton and Wimbledon stations, or south towards Colliers Wood and Clapham Junction railway stations. There’s a local train line close to Carshalton Beeches too which goes towards Sutton or Beckenham Junction stations. Thameslink railway station is southbound for those looking to head east of London.

It’s also easy to get around without your own car as taxis can be booked easily by phone or online for when you need them most in this busy city life.

In addition, cyclists are well catered for too with designated cycle lanes along many routes including the A217 Cycle Superhighway which runs through Carshalton’s leafy streets up into central London.”

Carshalton On a Map

Carshalton is situated in the borough of Sutton, in south-west London. The town is bordered by Merton to its north and Croydon to its east while Mitcham borders it on all other sides.

Who Lives in Carshalton

Carshalton is mostly populated by families, with a lot of young professionals living in the area too. The inhabitants are broadly similar to those of other outer London boroughs, with a mix of different races and religions.

Renting and Housing in Carshalton

There are a lot of rental properties in Carshalton, and the prices range from very affordable to fairly expensive. The more you’re willing to spend, the closer your house is likely be to amenities such as shops, schools or public transport links. The average renting price is £900 per month.

Carshalton has become one of the most popular places for people looking to buy property outside London because it offers some great opportunities on all levels for families at every stage of life; whether renting or buying. Houses here are generally reasonably priced among similarly sized houses within zones three through five. The average house prices in Carshalton are £325,000.

Work in Carshalton

Job seekers won’t be left disappointed because there are many opportunities for employment in Carshalton. With an unemployment rate of just three percent, the town has everything you may need to get yourself a new job and keep your family safe while it’s happening! Plenty of new companies have been opening up in town as well and there are some opportunities for entrepreneurs too.

If you’re looking to work near a retail sector, then that is the place to be! There’s plenty of shopping available through your local stores or on-line retailers that deliver straight to your door – perfect if you want the convenience without having to travel long distances just for one item. It can also help with budgeting because it means you don’t need to spend money while out travelling from store-to-store when every shop has what you need right here in town.

Schools near Carshalton

Larkhall Primary School (ages five to eleven)

Carshalton High School for Girls

Carshalton Boys Sports College

Ruskin Road Pre School

Sutton College Preparatory Department for Boys (age six onwards).

Places to visit and things to do in Carshalton

Like any other town in London, it has a lot of entertainment possibilities.

Wrythe Lane

Wrythe Lane is one of the largest streets in Carshalton. It offers a cinema and bowling alley, both of which are available to the general public. On Wrythe Lane, there’s also a range of shops and restaurants.

Carshalton Beeches

Carshalton Beeches is a park in Carshalton, southeast London. It is a mixed woodland with an area of heath and includes ponds, picnic areas and fields for football or cricket. It’s just the right size to go on some nature walks in order to experience the beauty of this park all year round!

Honeywood Museum

The Honeywood Museum is a great place to visit in Carshalton. There, you’ll find a range of exhibits and artifacts from the past few centuries, including clothing, jewellery and toys.

The Mander Centre

The nearby Mander Centre – it has plenty on offer for all ages with its supermarkets, clothes shops, restaurants etc.

Carshalton Library

Situated in the Westcroft Centre, it offers free access to computers so you can surf online or just enjoy reading one of their many books from home.

The Greyhound Pub

The Greyhound pub is a great place to go for some drinks and tasty food – it also has live music on certain evenings too. The vibe of the pub is family-friendly, so you can take your kids there.

All Bar One

All Bar One is the perfect place for a drink and some food when you’re out with friends or after work. They have a wide range of cocktails, beers and wines available to suit all tastes.

The Old House Hotel

You’ll find The Old House Hotel in the heart of Carshalton – it’s a very popular restaurant so be sure to book your table well in advance!

The Hope Pub

The Hope Pub is a traditional English pub with an excellent range of cask ales, craft beers and wines. They also have fantastic homemade food to round off your meal! Having won multiple awards, it’s regarded as one of the best in the area.

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