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There are many reasons to live in Sanderstead. If you want a safe, quiet neighbourhood with plenty of room for the kids to play then this is the place for you. With easy access to parks and green spaces as well as good schools, it’s not hard to see why so many people choose this area for their family home.

Sanderstead History

The first traces of civilisation in the form of pottery fragments found in Sanderstead date back to 100 AD. Sanderstead appeared in the Domesday book in 1086 and belonged to St Peter’s Abbey. Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the village was granted by Henry VIII to Sir John Gresham by Henry.

The Royal Air Force used a manor house known as Sandeater Court from pre-WWII. The site is a block of three-storey flats now stands on the site of a new flat block of flats. In 1086 it was first known in the book as Sanderstead, and had a population of around 26.

Early Bronze Age evidence suggests the first sign of life in the village dates as far back as 12,000 years ago. Currently, Sanderstead is a beautiful, calm village with a population of just over 3000 people.

Sanderstead Travel

Sandanderstead is situated close to the M25 and M23, and is well-connected travel-wise. Its train stations have services to London Bridge and Victoria in 23 minutes. It’s also close to Gatwick Airport and London Bridge railway stations. Purley Oaks is located close to Croydon and Gatwick Airport.

It is in proximity to the M25 junction 6 and the M23 at Hooley. There is also a direct link to London Bridge and Victoria within 23 minutes of each station—getting to Central London is pretty convenient. It also provides fast fast access to both Gatwick and Heathrow Airport as well as Brighton. The stations are available for free at Sanderstead for up to £6 per train per trip.

Sanderstead On a Map

Sanderstead is near South Croydon in southeast London and is regarded as a village. It has a CR2 postcode. The village falls under the London Borough of Croydon and the Greater London Built-up Area. The village is within the Croydon South constituency and in Surrey County.

Who Lives in Sanderstead

Only 21% of people in the village of Sanderstead own their homes, with 79% renting. However the village’s rental appeal has increased recently. There are a median age of 44 and just under 15% of residents live in the area.

Renting and Housing in Sanderstead

The village in Sanderstead is known for its village spirit and village atmosphere. Many homes are within walking distance from station and local shops. Many cottages, flats and detached homes can be found in Hook Hill, East Hill, West Hill, Arkwright road and The Ridge Way.

The village is home to many shops including the Elmfield Way Shopping Parade. Expect to pay around £990 per month for a one-bedroom house. Properties with more than three-bedroom homes enter the market from around £1,800. And there are also purpose-built apartment blocks and small cottages that blend in well with the village. Prices range from £990-£1,250 for two-bedroom houses and from £1400-a-week for three-bedroom flats.

Work in Sanderstead

Sanderstead’s job opportunities are in retail, catering and the construction industry. It’s also quite close to Gatwick airport which means a lot of residents are in good positions for jobs that require travel.

Schools in Sanderstead

While there are few schools located in Sanderstead itself, there are plenty of some great ones in a short distance.

Purley Oaks Primary School, Nursery and Children’s Centre, Bynes Rd, South Croydon CR2 0PR, United Kingdom

Croydon High School, Old Farleigh Rd, Croydon CR2 8YB, United Kingdom

Gresham Primary School, 42A Limpsfield Rd, South Croydon CR2 9EA, United Kingdom

Ridgeway Primary School and Nursery, Southcote Rd, South Croydon CR2 0EQ, United Kingdom

Whitgift School for children aged 10-18, Haling Park Rd, South Croydon CR2 6YT, United Kingdom

Is Sanderstead dangerous?

Greater London has a high crime rate of 103 crimes per thousand people. Sanderstead has a slightly lower rate of 6 burglaries compared to the average London rate. Despite this, the UK as a whole has a lower crime rate than the average in Greater London. For example, there are 89 crimes reported every thousand people.

Places to visit in Sanderstead

Sanderstead High Street

Sanderstead’s High Street is basically the go-to place for groceries, lunch, or a fancy dinner. A variety of independent retail stores, restaurants, and large markets live there, providing all you’d ever need.

The Med Kitchen

The Med Kitchen in Sanderstead, West London, is a vibrant, romantic eatery. Whether you’re after chargrill delights, vegan and vegetarian bites or seafood, there is plenty for your pickies.

Purley Beeches

Purley Beeches is an award-winning site in the mature beech woodland. Walkers can also play on a tennis court in the Beech woodland on the site.

Hardy’s Traditional Fish & Chips

Hardy’s Traditional Fish & Chips is a local favourite with locals. A take-away. Enjoys British dinnertime classic with local takeaways at Hardy’s on the menu.

Filtr by Coromandel Coast

The locally run Filtr on Limpsfield Road has a relaxing, chilled vibe and stylish decor. Possessing a great taste of coffee, pastries and first class service, it’s the favourite coffee shop is in the midst of Covid-19, not yet another branch of an expensive chain. It’s not yet another overpriced high street chain but has a great selection of good food and fresh drinks.

Priscilla’s Tea Room Sanderstead

Priscilla’s Tea Room serves up a delicious selection of handmade cakes and sandwiches. Vintage style tea room also serves a selection of hot drinks at the London cafe. The tea room is on sale at £12.

All Saints Church

The almost 800 year old, Grade I-listed church is a wonderful piece of architecture. If you’re keen on history, we’d recommend you visit it.

Move to Sanderstead with KKRemoval!

If you’re looking for a place to call home and want friendly neighbours, great amenities and excellent transport links then Sanderstead is the village for you. It’s also close enough to central London that you can commute without feeling too far from everything – perfect if your job in town! KKRemoval would be happy to help with moving!

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