Welcome to Tottenham, an up-and-coming area in North London known for its diverse community, affordable housing, great transport links, and a range of interesting attractions. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in this vibrant and multicultural part of London? Look no further! In this guide, we will take you on a journey through the ins and outs of living in Tottenham, from its excellent travel connections to the various housing options and exciting local amenities.

So what makes Tottenham stand out from other areas in London? For starters, it offers a unique blend of urban living and green spaces, along with a strong sense of community and a rich cultural scene. Whether you’re a young professional, a family looking for a new home, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, Tottenham has something to offer for everyone. Let’s dive in and explore what life in Tottenham is all about!

Tottenham Travel

One of the greatest perks of living in Tottenham is its fantastic transport links, which make getting around London a breeze. Tottenham Hale, for example, offers convenient access to the Victoria line at Tottenham Hale Station, providing great value and easy connections to Central London. South Tottenham, on the other hand, boasts excellent connections with the London Overground and Victoria line at Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale Underground stations.

Tottenham, located in Zone 3, is also superbly connected by various bus routes, including the 76, 123, 149, 230, 243, 259, 279, 318, 341, 349, 476, N41, N73, N76, N279, and W4. These buses serve key locations such as Tottenham Green, Tottenham Town Hall, Seven Sisters Station, South Tottenham Station, and Tottenham Hale Station, ensuring that residents and visitors have a multitude of options for travel within the area. Night buses like N41, N73, N76, and N279 provide additional convenience for late-night travel.

With one car for every two households, car ownership in South Tottenham is lower than the overall London rate, but still quite impressive. All in all, Tottenham’s transport links make it an ideal location for those who value convenience and accessibility to the city and beyond.

Tottenham on a Map

Tottenham is a bustling town situated in north London, England. It lies within the boundaries of the London Borough of Haringey. Surrounded by the beautiful River Lea, the bustling Waltham Forest, and the stunning Walthamstow Reservoirs, Tottenham offers an exciting combination of city life and nature. Furthermore, Bruce Castle Park is a popular green space in the area, perfect for a leisurely walk or a picnic with friends and family.

The 1840s and 1850s marked the beginning of Tottenham’s urbanization, with the arrival of the railways to the east and west sides of the parish. Today, Tottenham continues to grow and evolve, attracting new residents, businesses, and police officers alike. Its unique blend of urban living and green spaces makes it an attractive destination for those looking to move to North London.

Who Lives in Tottenham?

Tottenham is home to a diverse and vibrant community, with a population of 129,237 at the 2011 census. The area is known for its multicultural atmosphere, with a rich blend of ethnicities including Jewish, African, Afro-Caribbean, and Eastern European backgrounds. This inclusive environment contributes to Tottenham’s unique charm and welcoming atmosphere.

The area attracts a mix of family types, including young professionals, families with children, and retirees. The wide selection of primary schools and nurseries in the area appeal to young families with children. The presence of various age groups and family structures adds to the community’s dynamic and lively character.

While Tottenham offers many positive aspects, it’s important to note that the crime rate in the area is slightly above the London average. However, efforts are being made to improve safety, and many residents still find Tottenham to be a pleasant and friendly place to live. The combination of cultural diversity, various family types, and a strong sense of community makes Tottenham an appealing destination for newcomers and long-time residents alike.

Renting and Housing in Tottenham

The housing market in Tottenham offers an appealing mix of Victorian and Georgian properties, modern flats, and new builds catering to a variety of tastes and budgets. Catering to various tastes and budgets, Tottenham offers affordability compared to other parts of London.

The average price for a property in the area is approximately £450,000, with terraced houses averaging around £485,000 and flats at about £325,000. Whether you’re drawn to the character of a Victorian terrace or the sleek design of a modern flat, Tottenham’s housing market has something to offer. With its varied housing options and attractive prices, Tottenham is increasingly becoming a sought-after destination for homebuyers and renters looking for value and style in North London.

Tottenham Schools

Pembury House Nursery School & Childrens Centre, Lansdowne Rd, London N17 9XE

Wiggly Worms Day Nursery, West Green Learning Centre, W Green Rd, London N15 3QR

Assunnah Primary School, 565A High Rd, London N17 6SB

Risley Avenue Primary School, The Roundway, London N17 7AB

Lancasterian Primary School, Kings Rd, London N17 8NN

Lea Valley Primary School, Somerford Grove, London N17 0PT

The Willow on Broadwaters, Adams Rd, London N17 6HW

Earlsmead Primary School, Broad Ln, London N15 4PW

Things to do and Local Amenities in Tottenham

Bruce Castle Museum

Bruce Castle Museum is a captivating, historic Tottenham manor house that celebrates local history, art, and culture in Tottenham. Located near the Tottenham Police Station, this stunning Grade 1 16th-century manor house in Lordship Lane N17 is easily accessible for visitors.

The museum offers a range of fascinating exhibitions, engaging talks, fun family activities, informative tours, and stimulating learning opportunities. As the home to the museum and archive collection for the London Borough of Haringey, Bruce Castle Museum is a treasure trove of local heritage. With free admission, it stands as a must-visit destination for history buffs, art lovers, and curious minds alike, providing a rich and immersive experience that connects visitors to Tottenham’s vibrant past.

Lordship Ln, London N17 8NU, United Kingdom

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, home to Tottenham Hotspur football club, is an incredible world-class sports and entertainment venue that hosts American Football and Tottenham Hotspur’s thrilling home matches in the Premier League. As one of the most modern stadiums in the world, it offers an unparalleled spectator experience, from state-of-the-art facilities to a truly electric atmosphere on match days.

But football isn’t the only thing the stadium has to offer. The venue also hosts concerts and other events, making it a hub of entertainment in North London. Whether you’re a sports fan or just looking for a fun day out, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is a must-visit destination.

782 High Rd, London N17 0BX, United Kingdom

Tottenham Marshes

Tottenham Marshes offer a beautiful area of ancient flood plain located in north London, full of history and natural beauty. Conveniently located close to the River Lea, the marshes provide a peaceful escape from urban life, perfect for walking, cycling, and wildlife spotting.

The marshes are home to a variety of delightful wildlife, including birds, mammals, and amphibians. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply looking for a tranquil spot to unwind, Tottenham Marshes is an idyllic haven worth exploring.

Watermead Way, London N17 0XD, United Kingdom

Walthamstow Wetlands

Walthamstow Wetlands is a nature reserve and conservation area comprising Thames Water reservoirs. It has recently been opened for public access, so that everyone can enjoy it. As one of the largest urban wetland nature reserves in Europe, it offers a unique opportunity for birdwatching, walking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or simply looking for a peaceful place to connect with nature, the Walthamstow Wetlands is a must-visit destination for anyone living in or visiting Tottenham, just a short distance from White Hart Lane.

2 Forest Rd, London N17 9NH, United Kingdom

Tottenham Breweries

Tottenham is home to several delightful breweries and taprooms, offering an incredible selection of craft beers and a vibrant social scene. From Redemption Brewery to Beavertown Brewery and Wildes Cheese, there’s no shortage of places to sample the finest brews Tottenham has to offer.

These breweries and taprooms not only offer a great selection of craft beers, but also provide a lively atmosphere for socializing and meeting new people. So, if you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or simply want to try some new brews, be sure to check out Tottenham’s thriving brewery scene.

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace, often referred to as “Ally Pally,” is a renowned entertainment and cultural venue in North London. Originally opened in 1873, it was swiftly reconstructed after a fire, and since the mid-1950s, it has been a hub for various events, from music gigs to sporting competitions. Known as the original home of BBC Television, Alexandra Palace continues to be a symbol of innovation and entertainment.

The Palace offers a blend of fascinating exhibitions, engaging talks, family activities, and tours, making it a must-visit destination for all ages. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, art lover, or simply curious about local culture, Alexandra Palace provides an enriching experience. Conveniently located near Wood Green Tube station and served by the W3 bus route, it’s easily accessible for visitors. With its rich history and diverse offerings, Alexandra Palace stands as a testament to London’s vibrant cultural scene.

Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY

What is Tottenham Like to Live in?

Tottenham, located in North London, offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. Known for its diverse community, the area is home to various ethnicities, creating a multicultural and vibrant atmosphere. The housing market is appealing, with a mix of Victorian and Georgian properties, modern flats, and new builds catering to different tastes and budgets.

However, it’s essential to note that Tottenham has a higher violent and property crime rate compared to other parts of London. Efforts are being made to improve safety, and many residents appreciate the community’s strong sense of identity and inclusiveness.

Cultural attractions such as the Bruce Castle Museum add to the area’s charm, and the local markets and shops provide a lively shopping experience. Tottenham’s excellent transport links make commuting convenient, and the presence of various family types adds to the area’s dynamic character.

From its rich heritage to its contemporary appeal, Tottenham offers a unique living experience that combines tradition and trendiness. Whether you’re a history buff, art lover, or someone looking for an affordable and diverse place to call home, Tottenham might just be the perfect fit.

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