piano moving

Piano Removals

For all the music lovers who love to own large sized expensive Piano in their houses we have introduced a top class exclusive Piano Removals service.We offer most affordable, reliable and credible piano removals services within the Town.
We have skilled staff and well trained team members who support each other and you satisfied.

piano moving

Moving a piano require certain skills unlike any other regular removal. We use special moving blankets for the small pieces of piano. Then we protect the keys and its surface with plastic wrap. All the task involves in the relocation of the piano are accomplished with perfection and efficiency.

Things to consider for the piano removals

Generally a piano is of three main types such as:

– Small
– Medium
– Grand

The surface of the piano needs to be covered properly with the plastic wrap before moving. However, inside of the piano does not have to be covered. It is big instrument and covers a huge space in the van. That is why, it is removed separately. The Grand piano requires more care while lifting. The legs and upper case have to be protected from damage while moving. The wheels of the piano should be smooth if not then, do not rely on the wheels for moving it within the house. It is impossible to remove or relocate a piano by yourself. You have to hire a professional piano removals team which has complete tools and equipment to move a piano. Make sure the path is clear from where the piano is dragged, any obstacle can cause damage to the delicate legs or can clog the wheels as well.

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