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If you are looking to live in Mitcham, South London then there is a lot that you should know about the area. The town has been around for over 1,000 years and has grown considerably since then. It is situated on the banks of the River Wandle, which offers plenty of opportunities for recreation. Residents can enjoy activities such as fishing, kayaking and sailing here!

Mitcham History

The Domesday Book is the earliest record of this town, which was then called Michelham. In the 13th century it became known as Mitcham Great Pond and later in 1538 it got its current name. The first documented evidence is from 1226 when a manor house existed on Font Hill before being rebuilt at what is now part of Duppas Hill House. Another interesting thing is that a very large population of French Huguenots settled in Mitcham during the 17th Century, most notably at Bayford House. Elizabeth I has been known to have enjoyed the festivals at Mitcham, whereas sir Walter Raleigh owned a property there. With the abundance of lavender fields and lavender oil, this area is often referred to as the lavender capital of England.

Currently, Mitcham is a popular neighborhood to live in because of its quick commute into London and the variety of amenities on offer.

Mitcham Travel

Mitcham has plenty of transport links. There are many bus routes that run through the town and there is a train station, which was rebuilt in 1838. The most popular way to travel around London is by underground as Mitcham can be reached from three tube stations: Wimbledon, Tooting Broadway and Mitcham Eastfields. Some road links include the 201, 264 and 270, going through the district to Wimbledon, Colliers Wood, and Lambton Road. There’s also a tram stop on Mitcham Junction, with which you can get to London Victoria in 20 minutes.

Mitcham On a Map

Situated in the London borough of Merton, Mitcham is a town in its own right, it also borders the London boroughs of Croydon and Sutton which means that many people actually live here but work in other areas. This has led to three tube stations being built within this area: Wimbledon, Tooting Broadway and Mitcham Eastfields. It’s often divvied up into the Mitcham Town Centre, and Mitcham Common.

Who Lives in Mitcham

The demographic data from the 2011 census shows that there is a total population of 26,0927 people living in Mitcham – which makes it one of the larger suburbs in London. The number has increased slightly since 2001 when it was 24,469 but this could be due to displacement caused by redevelopment projects such as Forster Square Shopping Centre or Northfield Avenue housing estate. It does however have an older than average age profile with many residents being over 65 years old (16% compared with 11% nationally). This means demand for public services may be higher too! There are also more women than men living there, the proportion of women in Mitcham is 54% compared to the average for England which is 51%.

Renting and Housing in Mitcham

Mitcham has a lot to offer in terms of rental properties. From Victorian houses, to new builds and apartments, there will be something available for the budget of most renters. The average rent in Mitcham is £950 pcm which can purchase a decent two bedroom flat or house with space left over! Other possibilities include properties with a garden, basement or higher ceilings. Mitcham is known to be a bit cheaper than other districts, even though it’s more or less at an equal distance from Central London.

The housing market however is showing strong signs of improvement – so if you are looking to buy then now could be your best chance yet!

Work in Mitcham

For job seekers, Mitcham is a great place to find work. This area offers some of the best paying jobs in London, with an average salary of £41,000! It’s constantly developing, too, as the retail and restaurant markets are showing significant growth. New businesses keep emerging in Mitcham, making it the perfect place for those who want to work in a fast-paced environment.

Schools in Mitcham

-St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

-St Mark’s Primary School

-Eagle House School

-Cranmer Primary School

Is Mitcham safe?

One might ask—is Mitcham a bad area? In terms of crime rates, it is not. In fact, Mitcham has a lower crime rate than most parts of London according to the Metropolitan Police’s Crime Mapper.

The data also reveals that people are less likely to be victims of anti-social behaviour in Mitcham and there were fewer cases reported last year compared with other areas like Lambeth or Lewisham which have higher levels of crime.

Places to Visit and Things to do in Mitcham

Mitcham has a great deal of amenities and entertainment opportunities. It is home to a number of shops and restaurants that are open until late at night.

Kingston Pond

Kingston Pond is a tranquil and beautiful place that is very popular with Mitcham residents. It features a number of paths for walking, picnic areas as well as fishing spots for those who like to try their luck in the water. The pond was originally created during the 19th century by an ice company that needed a source of freshwater; it has since been developed into a picturesque space providing visitors some peace and quiet amid busy surroundings.

The Mitcham Common

The Mitcham Common offers cycling routes as well as family friendly walks with stunning views of London’s landmarks. You will be able to see St Paul’s Cathedral from here on a clear day.

The River Wandle is also great for kayaking (although for the more experienced!). It flows from Croydon, through the Ravensbury Park and Morden Hall Park before finally joining the Thames.

Mill House Ecology Centre

There is a lot to explore at the Mill House Ecology Centre. There are many trails and walks through wildlife habitats, discovering creatures like frogs, squirrels and deer. It’s also possible to get up close with small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Morden Hall Park Stableyard Gallery

The gallery has a great deal to offer with a programme of exhibitions, screenings and events. It’s at the heart of the community so if you’re looking for a space to hold your own event this is a good option.

Mitcham Cricket Club

With the oldest cricket green in the country, there’s plenty to explore at Mitcham Cricket Club. Visitors can go on tours, watch matches or just enjoy a walk around the grounds. The club has been played on since 1867 and is home to many England players including Ian Botham, Kevin Pieterson, David Gower and Ken Barrington

Morden Hall National Trust site

Home to the first-ever national garden centre, the National Trust site offers a number of events, working gardens and exhibitions.

Mitcham Clock Tower

Recently restored to its Victorian form, the Clock Tower is a landmark in the Mitcham town centre. There are regular events, such as dancing and music performances held here throughout the year.

Rock Star Sushi Bar

If you’re in need of great sushi, head to this Japanese restaurant. It’s got a cool rock-and-roll vibe and the menu is so extensive that you’ll find something for everyone.

Bamboo Restaurant

Bamboo Restaurant is all about Chinese food, with separate menus for Cantonese dishes and Fujianese cuisine. The Bamboo is a popular spot in Mitcham that locals swear by!

Skipper’s Fish and Chips

After you’ve grown tired of sushi, head to Skipper’s Fish and Chips for the best traditional British fare. You’ll find all of your favourites from Prawn Cocktail Rings to Scampi Fries on this menu!

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