Purley Downs

Purley is a suburb of London that has been developing for many years. It was originally made up of fields and farms, but it now includes residential housing, shopping centres, restaurants and more. Purley is the perfect place to live if you are looking for an area with plenty of green space and excellent transport links into Central London.

Purley History

Purley grew rapidly in the 1920s. It is a green environment where people live in spacious homes. Northeast Purley encompasses the chalk hills branch of the North Downs. Purley used to have its very own Croydon Airport, though it has been transformed into a green space later on.

Purley is on London’s outer edge, so open countryside is on the doorstep of the area. The Promenade de Verdun is an unusual war memorial in Purley town centre. The Surrey Iron Railway ran from 1802 to 1846 from the Thames at Wandsworth to Croydon. The opening credits of the BBC show Terry and June, which ran between 1979 and 1987, starring June Whitfield and Terry Scott, show they got lost in the town. Purley Sports Club in The Ridge offers cricket, bowls, hockey, netball, squash and tennis. The first railway run through Purley was an powered by steam.

Currently, it’s one of the, if not the richest suburbs of London. It boasts spacious houses and apartments and is popular with young people. It is situated within easy commute of the City and is a major centre in the City of London. The Webb Estate was featured in country-wide newspapers as it was found that it was the most popular location for the richest residents.

Purley Travel

Purley is less than six miles from London Bridge or London Victoria by train. Easy access to Gatwick airport and Heathrow airport and the A23 through road links is also just six miles away. The area has easy access to both M25 and the M23, and Gatwick is a long way from the city. The M25 is one of the best places to drive from here to London, and the I-25 is a good way to make it across the A-23 at all points. Purley sits on the Brighton Main Line, within Zone 6, and is connected to the rest of London via the Purley Station.

Purley on a Map

Situated deep in South Croydon, it borders Coulsdon and Kenley to the south, South Beddington to the north, and Selsdon to the east. It’s located far down South London, with only Whyteleafe and Caterham separating it from the city’s border.

Who Lives in Purley?

Purley’s median age equals 38, which is considerably higher than London’s average of 35. This is most likely due to the fact that it’s inhabited by affluent Londoners. In fact, Purley is one of the richest suburbs in London, being home for Michael Buble, Ray Mears, and Derren Brown.

Work in Purley

The rate of unemployment in the area is both higher than the national average, suggesting that finding a job in this area may be hard. This could be due to the fact that Purley is mostly inhabited by the wealthiest citizens of London who have their companies in different places such as Shoreditch. Still, there are plenty of independent businesses like restaurants looking for skilled workers.

Housing and Renting in Purley

The most notable housing development is The Webb Estate, known for its exclusive and modern, albeit expensive, projects. The average price of Purley properties is currently about £600,000. Most of the houses sold there are detached, with the average pricetag of £800,000. Semi-detached properties have a similar price to the overall average, whereas flats are just over £300,000.

The average renting price is £1,200 per month. The cost ranges from £600 up to over £7,000 for the most luxurious flats and houses.

Schools in Purley

The John Fisher School, Peaks Hill, Purley CR8 3YP, United Kingdom

St David’s Preparatory School, Woodcote Valley Rd, Purley CR8 3AL, United Kingdom

Woodcote High School, Meadow Rise, Purley, Coulsdon CR5 2EH, United Kingdom

Beaumont Primary School, Old Lodge Lane, Purley CR8 4DN, United Kingdom

Things to do in Purley

Purley High Street and Purley Way are home to shops such as Tesco, as well as Sainsbury’s, NEXT, and John Lewis. The Whitgift Centre has a wide array of shops and stores.

Purley Parks

Purley is well known for its abundance of green fields and parks.

Purley Beeches

With tennis courts of its own, the Beeches are a popular destination for the sporty part of Purley’s residents.

Oaks Park

Situated on the western border of Purley, the Oaks Park is a good walking distance from the town’s centre. The Oaks golf club is welcome to new players, while the Oaks Cafe provides visitors with a much needed reprieve from the loud city.

Purley Downs Golf Club

Yet another one of Purley’s golf clubs, the Purley Downs stuns with amazing views of the landscape and city’s landmarks. Wembley Arch and Canary Wharf are both visible from the highest points of the course, whereas the golf club’s wildlife allows for the observation of animals such as deer, badgers, and foxes, as well as a range of birds and butterflies.

Woodcote Park

The Woodcote Park is owned and operated by the Royal Automobile Club. With its 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, and a swimming pool, it’s wonderful for the gearheads out there since the club hosts periodical events such as grand prix screenings.

Foxley Wood

Situated near Purley’s centre, Foxley Wood is over 11 hectares of open green space, which makes it an excellent opportunity for long walks.

4 Locos Argentine Steakhouse

If you’re in need of excellent steak, look no further than the Locos Argentine Steakhouse. The food is served in a cosy, rustic setting and accompanied by wine matching the meat’s type.

Dan Thai

When you get tired of steak, try out Dan Thai, often regarded as one of the best Thai restaurants in South Croydon or even South London.


Often called the best restaurant in Croydon, Khyber has a wide variety of Indian meals prepared by skilled chefs. The food is delicious and portions are perfectly sized to keep you full. Small portions are just perfect, with a select variety of choices on the menu.

Boxpark Croydon

Over 30 shipping containers are filled with a variety of food and drink in London. The biggest names like Meat Liquor and The Breakfast Club are among those with outlets. Sitting in close proximity to Purley, the Boxpark is an excellent place for a night out or a fancy dinner.

Purley Swimming Pool

Situated within the Purley Leisure Centre, the swimming pool is a great place for the whole family to enjoy themselves. Lessons for senior, as well as junior, members of the community are available at the centre. There’s also a gym in the building equipped with cutting-edge amenities.

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